Meet our Founder

Our founder Francis Tjiterosampurno, currently 15 at the time of this writing (07/07/2020) founded Francis Organic at the end of 2018. From humble beginnings he brought Francis Organic to what it is today. A well known brand in several markets with stockist around Indonesia such as Batam, Makassar, Surabaya, Manado and many more. Now at just the age of 15 he has incorporated his company by the name of PT. Pangan Kreasi Makmur. 

He started from buying small quantities from second hand suppliers and quickly grew to buying larger quantities from importers around indonesia, now Francis Organic imports its own products from across the world and supplies its old suppliers.  With over 14.600 customers in our database increasing daily by the hundreds, Francis Organic is poised for success. From accounts of Francis's employee's many of his customers and vendors are surprised by his age due to them mostly talk with him on the phone, meaning they don't know how he looks like or how old he is. 

He brought his own brand solely on his own without any help from his parents or family apart from a small sum loaned to him to start it up. Now Francis Organic has grown 50 times since it start, an astonishing amount from its humble beginnings just over a year ago, it hasn't just grown in total equity but also in manpower, from just 1 employee, Francis himself, Francis Organic has grown to 6 Employee's including a Finance and Sales Officer, a Saleswomen, 2 Admins,  a Driver and Francis himself as the CEO.  

Francis has also based his company on giving back to the community by pledging an undisclosed percentage of his profits to charity, to this day (07/07/2020) Francis Organic has donated over 250 Food Boxes, and donated millions to charity such as Travel4Change and several orphanages. He also believes that everyone in the supply chain should get a fair price, from his supplies, vendors, farmers and of course, you as consumers. He built these relationships with his clientele and vendors, making them as partners and friends not as a business deal. His clientele and vendors are always suprised when they first meet, as Francis doesn't even have Identification Card.